Being creative makes me happy;
making a career out of being creative is a dream come true.

About Me

The childhood bedroom of Kristin Challacombe included a narrow walk-in closet. It functioned as expected: housing the threads of her adolescence.

Yet behind the clothes, Kristin transformed what others would label unusable space. Pulling in cozy pillows for lounging and covering the walls with photos and art, this quaint nook became a retreat for her and her friends. A welcoming space where laughter erupted, secrets were shared, and aspirations were born. Aspirations that included Kristin’s desire to grow up and one day become an interior designer.

Fast forward a few years. With a degree in hand from Harrington College of Design, Kristin began her career at a high-end residential firm in Chicago. Her time spent at the firm was invaluable. She honed her skills and learned how to build and nurture collaborative relationships with clients.

After the birth of their twins, Kristin and her husband decided it was time for a little more elbow room. They moved just outside the city to a quiet suburb, and she put her career on hold to focus on raising her children for a few years.

During this time, Kristin noticed a growing trend among her friends and neighbors. They were moving from modest city apartments to larger homes with more space for their growing families. But with the extra square footage, came the uncertainty of how to make the transition from city-inspired design to spaces that reflected their tastes and styles while still being family-friendly and functional.

And so Kristin Challacombe Design was born.

Kristin provides guidance and inspiration for both new and existing homes. Her ability to meet each client’s unique needs is paired perfectly with an attention to detail that results in successful spaces that are beautiful and functional. Spaces for clients to live life and create memories.

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